The Playbook

What is Moving Mentoring?

Moving Mentoring is a dance education curriculum and framework that uses five themes to create a leadership-based dance mentoring experience. The critical components are a circle of mentoring including Young Dancers, Dance Mentors, and Dance Artists and use of the thematic framework of Action, Support, Curiosity, Challenge, and Resilience.

What is a Playbook?

A playbook: a set of instructions and insights which will empower you to make the moves that create a special dance project. Use this playbook for inspiration, content, and design. This playbook includes step by step advice on how to set up and run a Moving Mentoring workshop. It includes instructions, ideas, and tips for running a program that enhances leadership in and through dance.  This playbook is designed to be interactive, with space to take notes, doodle, mind-map, and develop your own motivations and ideas. 

This Playbook is written with these populations in mind:


Experienced Dance Educators

who want to offer a
Moving Mentoring licensed program at their school, studio, or center. 


Expert Dance Professionals

who are in the process of developing their own community-based program and are looking for inspiration. 


Dance and Movement Teachers

both experienced and new to the field who are looking for ideas to add to their classes.


Leadership Team

at a community center or school who will hire an expert dance educator to offer a Moving Mentoring licensed program at their institution.

Structure of the book

This book includes the following chapters:

  1. Welcome

  2. Orientation

  3. Day-in-Detail

  4. Teacher Training

  5. Morning Framework

  6. Action

  7. Support

  8. Curiosity

  9. Challenge

  10. Resilience

  11. Nuts & Bolts

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Moving Mentoring Playbook
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