Thank you for applying for the Now Next Dance/Leadership Institute. We are excited to bring a vibrant group of arts educators, artists, and researchers together for three days of interdependent learning.   Please utilize the evaluation criteria in creating your application: 

  • What are you working on? 
    • Is this work relevant to the arts in culture?
    • Does this work bring new voice/perspective to the field?
    • Does this work advance the field either by deepening current lines of work or creating a new stream?
  • What do you need? and/or What are you waiting for?
    • Does the Artist self-identify their needs or opportunities?
    • Does the Artist reflect a critical understanding of the work and its context in the field?
    • Is the work relatable or relevant to other participants/mentors?
  • What do you bring?
    • Can the Artist share useful experiences with the group?
    • Are the successes and failures of this Artist's work relevant to the group?
    • Does this presenter bring a body of knowledge that can be applied to other career trajectories?
Name *
In 1-2 sentences, please describe the work have been doing, which you will focus on in your time at the Leadership Symposium.
In 1-2 sentences, please share why you seek mentoring. Where are you stuck or stumbling with your project? What opportunity are you seeking?
What perspectives/strengths can you bring to the group?
Are you an employee of an ACDA member institution?
ACDA members qualify for a $50 tuition reduction.